CCC Handbook

This booklet has been published in April 2016 by the Community Cat Coalition Inc.

cat coalition handbook 160424v3To download a complete copy of the booklet, along with all annexures, click the image, or click here to download a 4.92mb PDF file. For individual chapters and annexures, please select from the list below.


  • Foreword by Bob Kerridge - click here (PDF 153kb)
  • Contents - click here (PDF 73kb)
  • Chapter 1: Definitions of cats - click here (PDF 209kb)
  • Chapter 2: Community Cat Coalition- click here (PDF 347kb)
  • Chapter 3: Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)- click here (PDF 182kb)
  • Chapter 4: How to care for community cats?- click here (PDF 243kb)
  • Chapter 5: Foster & Adoption- click here (PDF 139kb)
  • Chapter 6: Community engagement- click here (PDF 146kb)
  • Chapter 7: Health & Safety- click here (PDF 164kb)
  • Chapter 8: Tracking & reporting- click here (PDF 152kb)
  • Chapter 9: Conclusion- click here (PDF 77kb)

List of Annexures

  • List of Annexures - click here (PDF 74kb)
  • Annexure A: Rules of the Community Cat Coalition Inc. - click here (PDF 193kb)
  • Annexure B: Membership application form - click here (PDF 85kb)
  • Annexure C: List of participating Vet clinics - click here (PDF 89kb)
  • Annexure D: Colony Cat Audit - click here (PDF 387kb)
  • Annexure E: Scientific phenomena (Vacuum effect) - click here (PDF 87kb)
  • Annexure F: Veterinary protocol - click here (PDF 156kb)
  • Annexure G: Ear-tipping protocol: Stray Cat Fact Sheet - click here (PDF 273kb)
  • Annexure H: Standard Care and Management of Cat Colonies Protocol - click here (PDF 612kb)
  • Annexure I: Cat Trapping “how to” protocol - click here (PDF 439kb)
  • Annexure J: Trap components - click here (PDF 738kb)
  • Annexure K: Community Cat Tracking card - click here (PDF 106kb)
  • Annexure L: Foster Manual - click here (PDF 8249kb)
  • Annexure M: Adoption application form - click here (PDF 125kb)
  • Annexure N: Manual handling techniques - click here (PDF 672kb)
  • Annexure O: Hazards Register - click here (PDF 161kb)
  • Annexure P: Site Safety assessment - click here (PDF 230kb)
  • Annexure Q: Hazard identification form - click here (PDF 196kb)
  • Annexure R: Accident/injury reporting form- click here (PDF 185kb)

All information is copyright unless otherwise indicated and may not be used, modified, copied or otherwise reproduced without the written consent of the Community Cat Coalition Inc. Please contact the secretary with any requests for use.