Linking Together

One of the most vital ingredients in the successful operation of the Community Cat Coalition is our ability to be able to communicate with each other either in matters of emergency or of a general nature.

It may be that individuals are seeking help with the operation of their colony, or have the need to recruit new members in certain areas of Auckland. It may be a call for help with fostering kittens, or a need for material items such as food, or simply a desire to share some information that will be helpful to other members.

A direct link to our facebook will allow this communication to occur. The facebook will be managed purely for the constructive use for the benefit of the coalition, its members and the cats in our care.

fb cat 240px
Facebook Rules:

The Community Cat Coalition welcomes feedback, comments and contributions. We would like our facebook pages to be an open and active forum, while maintaining an appropriate standard. We will moderate comments using the following guidelines:

  1. Keep it relevant. While spot items of interest are fine, visitors to this page expect information on lost pets and advice on keeping their pets safe. Items that are considered off topic, inappropriate or offensive will be deleted.
  2. No personal abuse or attacks. Constructive criticism is welcome, while personal criticism or abuse is not. You may make reference to individuals and disagree with an opinion or a policy they have stated, but you may not attack the individual for having or holding an opinion. Any one breaking these rules will be blacklisted.
  3. No profanity. No spam. No sexually explicit or discriminatory material in any form.
  4. Finally, while humour will be used and positive items promoted, this site finds no humour at all in so-called “funny” animal videos or photos of animal trapped in situations they can not escape from or being cruelly exploited. Posting of such items will be moderated, repeated posting will result in blacklisting.