About the CCC

The Cat Coalition was established in Auckland in 2009, as an initiative of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland Inc. (SPCA Auckland) to support a number of volunteers who were attending to the needs of stray cats in the region.

It was clearly evident at that time that this large group of dedicated volunteers were undertaking the immense task of caring for immense numbers of unwanted cats at their own expense without financial or moral support, and accordingly the purpose of establishing a coalition was to create a network of cat carers who collectively would be supported by the SPCA in their humanitarian work.

In 2015 the Cat Coalition became a fully independent Incorporated Society, to be known as the Community Cat Coalition, to reflect the services provided to the community through the humane management of stray cats by the collective, and mechanisms in place to involve the community in its ongoing work.

This volunteer network of cat carers is now equipped to provide this valuable service to the stray cats of Auckland in a thoroughly professional manner with strict recruitment conditions, training, the development of standards and policies in the care and maintenance of stray cats, and support activities that provide assistance with feeding, veterinary care (including de-sexing), identification and the sharing of information. The community Cat Coalition is recognized as the pre-eminent cat caring collective in Auckland.

For full details of the objectives, structure and rules of the Community Cat Coalition, please refer to the Coalition Rules.

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